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The main purpose of the  Centre d’exposition de Val-d’Or is the exhibition of contemporary art. The Centr is recognized and supported by the City of Val-d'Or, the ministry of Culture and Communications of Quebec, and by the Canadian Council for the Arts. The centre programs exhibitions from local artists and artists abroad. To complement the exhibitions, the Centre offers educational activities, conferences, workshops, guided visits, and programsto help the public discover the visual arts.

The four principal aims of the Centre are:

  • Show, promote and help the public appreciate contemporary art produced by native and non-native artists. The Centre programs local, regional, national and international artists.
  • Promote inter-cultural and intellectual exchanges between local and non-local artists through exhibitions, cultural events, conferences, and publications.
  • Develop and enlarge the public audience, while providing educational opportunities to the school communities.
  • Present an annual scientific, ethnological, and/or historical show.




Porte du Centre d'exposition de Val-d'Or


Adresse :

600, 7e Rue
Val-d’Or (Québec) J9P 3P3
(Le Centre d’exposition de Val-d’Or est localisé dans le Centre culturel, au coin du boulevard Forest.)

Téléphone : (819) 825-0942
Télécopieur : (819) 825-3062

Courrier électronique :


Horaire régulier :

Mercredi, jeudi, vendredi:

13 h à 19h

samedi, dimanche et mardi:

13 h à 16 h


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