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Education and Programming

Educational activities are an extremely important part of the services the Centre offers. These activities, complemented by the exhibitions, reinforce and build links with the community.

Activités scolaires

Art Adventures

This program for school groups is offered yearly to allow students to have an interactive visit and participate in creative workshops, connecting the exhibitions to the educational objectives of primary and secondary programs. This is an excellent way to initiate students to art history and the visual arts. Information is available on demand.

Middle Ages Kit
The Centre offers primary and secondary school groups an educational kit about the Middle Ages. This can take place at the Centre or in the school, with assistance from the Centre's educator. The workshop includes a collection of objects and images, as well documentation for teachers. The kit brings Middle Ages to life, as the students familiarize themselves with this fascinating era through a role play game.

Interactive Vists
To coincide with the scientific, ethnological, or historical visits, the Centre's educator will present one-hour interactive visits. These visits are a chance to deepen understanding of the theme while being in contact with the presented artifacts. Discovery guaranteed!

Visual Art Tours and History of Art Tours
These introductory activties were created to allow primary and secondary students, as well as any interested people, to become familiar with and perfect different artistic techniques, and/or different periods of Western art. Each tour takes place in a stimulating environment and lasts three hours.

Les Cent Dessins

These artistic creation workhops, which take place during the March Break week, are for youth 5 to 9 years old. There's no specific educational objective expect to learn and have fun. Fun guaranteed!

In workshop...

Geared for members of the public interested in the visual arts, "In workshop" combines observation and  creation. It starts with a visit of the current exhibition, during which participants are introduced to the art. In  the evening,  the artist leads the group in an activity of artistic creation that lets participants learn about the techniques through hands on experimentation.

Renting or Purchase of Works of Art

For fifteen years, The Centre has been running a program to rent out pieces of art. The Centre acts a bridge between the artists and business people, allowing the latter to improve the atmosphere of their workplace while promotting local artists.

Meets the Artists

When possible, the artists will be present at show openings or conferences. This allows the public to meet the artist and ask questions in a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere.



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